The Dolink Interface

Locate your boat easily on an online map, gain access to a social network of true travel freaks, find weather forecasts and wind maps for your zone with just a few clicks, have your boat protected at all time by a revolutionary weather alert system: all these services are part of the Dolink package!

Discover each of the interface’s functionalities:


Find your boat on an online map at any time

Go online from a computer, smartphone or tablet, and visualise your boat on Google maps ® or on a simplified mapping.

This function helps you make sure at any time of your ship’s location, in order to control its whereabouts if you’re renting it out or if it has been stolen.

It also helps your friends and family – if you have allowed them to – to follow your cruises when you are sailing, reassuring them and letting them enjoy your trip vicariously.

  • Choice of mapping : Google Maps ® or simplified view
  • No software to install, all online use
Suivi cartographique aux AntillesAffichage de la position du bateau sur fond cartographique Google ®Bateau au départ de La RochelleMesure de la distance parcourue aux Antilles

Weather forecasts

Access the weather forecasts

Using the global weather foracasting data provided by, visualize on and at any time the wind maps and weather forecasts (up to 5 days ahead) for the zone your boat is located in.

You can also set your Dolink account to daily and automatically send the files for the zone your boat is located in to your email account. You can then use those files with your sailing software of choice (OpenCPN, MaxSea...).

Benefit from a year-round weather alert system: if a storm warning is launched for the zone your boat is located in, you will immediately be alerted by mail and SMS, thus allowing you to prepare additional protection measures for your boat.

  • Data source :
  • Data actualised every 3 hours
Visualisation très simplifée pour les non-navigantsAffichage de la carte des vents avec prévisions météos GRIBConfigurez directement depuis la carte vos paramètres de réception des fichiers météoCarte des vents sur la Manche

Keep track of your cruises

Replay your past trips at will

Your past trips are saved and can be accessed at will on the Dolink server for two years.

That allows you to replay them whenever you want to find your favourite itineraries again and share them with friends and family.

Group your various trips in the « My Cruises » tab. You can then access your positions between any two dates, or create a publicly accessible map for that duration.

  • An unlimited number of positions can be kept in memory
  • Use our simple and intuitive heading & distance calculation tool
Historique des positions en transatListe des voyages Annabella en GrèceHistorique des positions avec affichage du ventHistorique des positions de Femmes au vent


Set up geofencing zones

Define a safe zone around your boat in a few clicks on the online map. If your boat leaves that area, you will be warned by SMS and email, which will allow you to react to the situation faster.

This function is useful in case of theft, or when you rent out your boat but want to restrict the zone it is allowed into.

  • A few clicks are enough to define a safe zone
  • Be warned by SMS and/or email when the boat enters or leaves the zone you have defined
Surveillance en cas de sortie du port de La RochelleZone de surveillance simple rectangulaireSurveillance du port de Leros en GrêceHistorique des alertes, bateau dans le sud de la France

Share your cruises

Open your cruises to your friends and family

One of the interface’s most popular functions is the sharing function. You can at each step of your cruise associate blog posts to your geographical positions, and insert pictures or videos with each post.

Set your account into “public” mode to appear on the community map, or open it only to your friends and family and send them an access code by email.

You can also follow other sailors’ public cruises if they are part of the Dolink network, or find other affiliated sailors in each harbor you want to discover or are about to arrive in.

  • Set your account into “public” mode to appear on the community map
  • Exchange with other sailors with just a few clicks
Suivi de la croisière de AlizéeZone de surveillance simple rectangulaireBillet de blog KilunaBillet de blog de Ananda au départ de Brest

Your blog

Tell your stories

On a completely secure online interface, post your pictures and videos, write blog posts, and associate them on the map with positions your tracker has sent.

Enjoy a simple yet always growing and improving interface.

  • Access all the functionalities of a regular blog interface
  • Add as many pictures and videos as you wish
Ananda en route vers les antillesBillet de blog MadèreArrivée du voyage de Renée et AlizéeBillet de blog Safran Rouge : Poisson volant